Sunday, 28 November 2010

Why am I doing this?

I asked myself that question several times last weekend as my hands siezed up and I eventually lost the feeling in my whole body. When I cheerily left my house with my trays of cupcakes...I don't think I'd fully realised how cold it was and how standing on a stall, exposed on holloway road to the elements of the 'big freeze' was probably not going to be the best way to spend a Saturday. 5 hours later when I got home, strapped myself to the radiator to thaw out, I asked myself the question again. Why am I doing this?

I love doing my stall. I love selling my cupcakes to regular, old and new faces, hearing what people think of the cake names, my stall set up, giving me feedback on new flavours I'm trying. I HATE being cold and being cold last Saturday definitely took away all the enjoyment of running a market stall. I am seriously questioning why I am doing this and how I am going to make it through to spring. Santa better bring me some thermals and some genius full body hot warming device otherwise the people of archway are going to have to go elsewhere for their cake fix...

Am trying to get in the spirit of the forthcoming festivities with some new flavours. Introduced 'Mary'; not very subtle I know! She's a spiced cranberry sponge with ginger creamcheese frosting. 'Geoffrey' who is a very sophisticated spiced ginger and date sponge with lemon flavoured topping and 'Lucy', a chocolate and orange sponge with orange chocolate buttercream topping. I'm spending today researching which flavours will be on the stall next will be my last trading day for 2010. I've got some winter decorations to use including a snowflake cutter so they'll at least look Christmassy.