Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Kids Kupcakes

Just off to babysit the little boy who lives in the flat downstairs who knows me as 'cake lady'. Thought I shouldn't disappoint. Hope Mum doesn't mind. Feeding a 3 year old a cupcake before his bedtime probably isn't such a great idea.....

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Trying to look professional...but actually, just look about 5!

So. The parents bought me a cupcake 'chef' jacket. Tried it out on the stall on Saturday. What do you think? Like a school girl homebaking?! though, and looked great pegged up behind the stall. I'd nearly sold out at this point, so that's why the table looks a little bare!

Experimenting with the new logo. Works really well on the tags but figuring out how to use it on the boxes.

Saturday's sunshine brought success on this week's stall

With the sun shining, Archway Market was busy with people milling about...and lots of people were in the mood for cupcakes. Going to start taking shots of people making their choice. Always fascinating how long it takes people to pick which one they want. People are very particular about their cake and choosing the flavour seems to be the easy bit! Takes far longer to decide which topping you want. Plenty of kids yesterday too...and lots of little hands taking away a cake and eating them like an icecream! All dosed up on buttercream and leaving the sponge for Mum and Dad to finish off......

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Lainey's rainy market day day again on Saturday. My first 'trading ' day on 20th March went really well with cakes selling out by 2.30 (opens at 10am and I took along about 80 cupcakes) but yesterday was HARD work! It was raining, freezing cold and not many people around. Still managed to sell most of my baking efforts and had some lovely comments from buyers, people passing. Wris was my little helper for the day...poor girl's toes went numb from being out in the cold but she was fab. Plus - we had loads more ideas about how to make the most of the stall and what's next for the slow build of the 'laineys cupcakes' empire! Watch this space....and please come and support me next trading day. Will be at archway market again on Saturday 17th April 10 - 5pm. Get there early to avoid disappointment.....