Sunday, 12 December 2010

Happy Christmas!

It was my last stall day of 2010 yesterday. A bit slower than usual but managed to sell out by mid afternoon and the conditions weren't quite as arctic as last time...
I had planned to go festive but wasn't feeling very Christmassy this week so the flavours on offer were a selection of favourites including Amelie (maple syrup and cinnamon) and Polly (chocolate and coconut). Did introduce 'Brad' - an oreo cookie and cream sponge and topping. Was Very Popular so think he might be a keeper. Am not a complete bah humbug though. Got a few of these hanging off my tree at home and will be baking some Christmas cupcake boxes for friends and family over the next few weeks. Please get in touch with any orders.

Will be back on my stall Saturday 8th January. Looking forward to another year of cupcake fun and games. You never know....2011 may be the year Laineys cupcakes finally becomes the tea shop dream I've had for so long. Happy Christmas!