Saturday, 8 January 2011

New year blues

It was my first time in 2011 back on the stall today. And I well and truly stuffed it! Am feeling hugely disappointed and sorry for myself. Sitting on my sofa writing this under a mountain of blankets, (snotty!) tissues and mugs of lemsip.....and with quite a few cupcakes stored in the fridge downstairs. After a very hectic first week back at work, I seemed to have picked up a 'new year' virus and though I tried my very best (and stayed up very late and got up super early to finish the little blighters), I had to admit defeat a couple of hours in today and get home to bed. So the grand return to the stall after a month off, was not quite as I hoped. Rather than get too down, I have decided to pretend it was a wee practice run and that next fortnight...Saturday 22nd January, is the real deal. I will be there, fighting fit, and with some new flavours and renewed enthusiasm for my cupcakes (few cross words were exchanged during the course of last night and today!).
Over the next month or so I'm thinking cakes may have to be low fat, reduced calorie, fresh fruit toppings based on what quite a few people were saying today ('they look beautiful but I'm on a diet!)....
Not sure how sure I am of this idea, but I have also been thinking about extending my offering to include cookies. Have come across some really lovely flavours while I've been researching cupcakes and thought it might be a nice compliment to the cakes (and to those who aren't particular fans of sponge and icing...crazy I know but there are some). Might give them a go and see what people think.
Right. Off to blow my nose. And eat some of those leftover cakes.