Saturday, 30 October 2010

Cupcakes are definately not over....

Keep reading that cupcakes are over....not true! And who'd have thought they'd be more popular during winter? Was worried sales on the stall would go down as it got colder but I've been selling out a lot quicker recently. Trying to decide whether I brave the cold and make more so I'm there longer or enjoy the couple of hours I'm trying not to stop the feeling in my toes (tights, 2 pairs of socks, legwarmers and ugg boots don't work!) and disappoint anyone who comes by after 2o/c......I love winter flavours though and am really enjoying trying out all those spiced recipes with pumpkin, carrot, parsnip and using the seasonal celebrations to inspire me (toffee apple for bonfire night, cranberries and nutmeg for Christmas and maybe some low fat ones ready for the NY when everyone decides to start their diets!).

I've decided to set myself a project (and to help keep me inspired in the kitchen). I have bought the BEST cupcake book. Written by an American (best cupcake books always are), which makes the whole measurement thing tricky (just don't get cups and sticks of stuff?!) but it's so fabby cause it has literally hundreds of recipes.'s laid out with all the sponge flavours in one section, a whole host of frostings and then other recipes for things like fillings, decorations etc. Then at the back it lists out which sponge go best with which toppings. Combos galore. Brilliant. So...the project. Every fortnight, I'm committing to making one new recipe for the stall working through this book from start to finish. This means sometimes making cakes I'm not keen on (lavender...yuck) and trying out some weird and wonderful combos (licorice and peppermint - sounds disgusting). Going to blog about the new recipe - how easy it was to make, how it tastes and looks and then how it sold on the stall (and any customer feedback). If they're popular they can become part of the menu. When I add new cakes to the list, they need a name, and that's where I'll need some help. I'm starting to struggle coming up with names that suit the cakes and Laineys afternoon cakes branding. On the stall this morning as I was writing out the cake tags, I was struggling with a new flavour - ginger with ginger cream cheese frosting - when a lovely little regular stopped by the stall and leant a hand. We named it after him and luckily (phew) he has a very cool name. So. Bertie is now part of the gang.